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Pompey lies knowing he is lying

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    Morgan Rockefeller SARUMAN Saud Salman Erdogan OCI SPA FED Riyad i petrodollari neoliberalism jihad
    è INUTILE CHE, voi GRIDATE COME LE OCHE.. ogni resistenza è futile!
    Dio mi disse 13 anni fa: " non li temere "
    ed io sono quì, per ogni soddisfazione: se qualcuno mi vuole affrontare!
    to demonstrate that an anti-secession law is liberticidal?
    this is impossible to do!
    Should the United States impose restrictive measures in relation to the new Hong Kong security law, Beijing will take the necessary countermeasures.
    Bibi's claim that there's a "huge conspiracy" against him, a "witch-hunt" designed to "thwart the will of the people, an attempt to overthrow me and the right-wing camp,” is translated by Yair Lapid to mean Bibi's "trying to lead us to a civil war, he must not continue in office.” He says Bibi's words are "wild incitement against the rule of law," though he doesn't mention which Israeli law doesn't allow a defense.
    My concern is Lapid's statement that Bibi "knows it will end violently and he doesn’t care." That sounds less like a "coup attempt" by Bibi & more like an implied threat by Lapid. I don't know their history, & I know little about Lapid, but I know the Left has been after Bibi for a long time with their exaggerations & falsehoods. They expected Bibi to be "submissive, tired and humiliated," not surrounded by Likud & hundreds of protesters saying "Netanyahu, you will not walk alone.'”
    Lapid appears to use typical Leftist ploys used around the world. As far as I can tell, Bibi was & is the pick of the people, even if only because there's no one better suited. I have gleaned from past comments that Israel's judges tend to be Left biased, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. If Bibi is absolved, I hope those who falsely accused him can be brought up on their own trials.
    Lapid learned to lie from his Arab friends. I despise Netanyahu's actions but the trial is a witch hunt.
    Opposition leader Yair Lapid sharply criticized the prime minister ] molti usurai e islamici amici tuoi loro pensano che il regno di Dio non potrà condannarli
    dato che loro sono stati fedeli alle loro leggi religiose e civili
    MA il Regno di Dio non è una qualche legge religiosa
    Giovanni 7.14-24.
    14 Quando la festa era ormai per metà trascorsa, Gesù salì nel tempio e si mise a insegnare. 15 I giudei erano stupefatti e dicevano: “Come fa quest’uomo a conoscere così bene le Scritture senza aver studiato nelle scuole?” 16 Gesù rispose loro: “Quello che insegno non è mio, ma di colui che mi ha mandato. 17 Se qualcuno desidera fare la Sua volontà, saprà se ciò che insegno viene da Dio o se parlo di mia iniziativa. 18 Chi parla di propria iniziativa cerca la propria gloria; ma chi cerca la gloria di colui che l’ha mandato, questi è veritiero, e in lui non c’è ingiustizia.
    19 Non fu Mosè a darvi la Legge?
    Eppure nessuno di voi osserva la Legge. Perché cercate di uccidermi?”
    20 La folla rispose: “Tu hai un demonio! Chi cerca di ucciderti?” 21 Gesù replicò: “Ho compiuto una sola opera e ve ne meravigliate tutti.
    22 Perciò riflettete: Mosè vi ha dato la circoncisione — non che essa venga da Mosè, ma dai patriarchi — e voi circoncidete un uomo di Sabato.
    23 Se, per non violare la Legge di Mosè, la circoncisione viene praticata anche di Sabato, come potete infuriarvi contro di me per il fatto che di Sabato ho ridato piena salute a un uomo?
    24 Smettete di giudicare in base all’apparenza; giudicate piuttosto con giustizia”.
    [Ieri 16:55]
    Poi riunita la folla disse: «Ascoltate e intendete! Non quello che entra nella bocca rende impuro l’uomo, ma quello che esce dalla bocca rende impuro l’uomo!».
    (2 Mi piace)

    [Ieri 16:58]
    Io sono la luce del mondo; chi segue me, non camminerà nelle tenebre, ma avrà la luce della vita
    (2 Mi piace)
    if civil war is needed
    to defend our souls from Satanism SpA FED rothschild?
    then we will make this civil war!
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    corrupt satanist parasitic esoteric agenda, freemasonry Deep State Golpe Regime Bilderberg Baal occult power Lapid JaBullOn OWL scam banking seigniorage: he claims Netanyahu trying to foment ‘civil war’
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    Simone, Simone, ecco satana vi ha cercato per vagliarvi come il grano; ma io ho pregato per te, che non venga meno la tua fede; e tu, una volta ravveduto, conferma i tuoi fratelli. E Pietro gli disse: “Signore, con te sono pronto ad andare in prigione e alla morte”. Gli rispose: “Pietro, io ti dico: non canterà oggi il gallo, prima che tu per tre volte avrai negato di conoscermi”.
    (2 Mi piace)

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    Pompey is NOT in a position to prove: that
    autonomy, democratic institutions and civil liberties, which are key to preserving its special status under U.S. law, "
    Pompey lies knowing he is lying!
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    According to Fox News, fraudulent listings of Chinese companies on U.S. stock exchange markets have cost investors billions of dollars over the past decade.
    "China has no intention to change," Yi said.
    and where were the Rothschild control neoliberalism bodies in all these years?
    back then, we wanted to make CHINA a giant!
    Rothschild's problem is not who must win this war, but that he needs 5 billion corpses:
    to reactivate a new devitalizing and parasitic monetary cycle of scam banking seigniorage.
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    The Chinese economic cold war has been raging for years, and the more recent saber-rattling in the South China Sea threatens many key US allies. So,
    It is long over-due for the US to start fighting back, and,
    I good start would be to nationalize all US debts owed to China,
    which would help cover the US costs, associated with the latest Chinese attack,
    the weaponized COVID-19 virus, which should be called the "Wuhan Flu".
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      if China in the South China Sea
      it doesn't even have a rock, because the Japanese empire
      (who lost the war) set this injustice
      is this normal for you?
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      if you want to cancel the Chinese debt?
      you can do it legally
      because CHINA has no reciprocity with western labor law
      but you must not do like the Satanists who want to get their corpses with slanders!
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      in 2004 the CIA wrote a document in which it said that in 2020 it would stop the supremacy of the CIA with a virus
      which would have been treacherously spread in CHINA
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    "Hong Kong flourished as a bastion of freedom," said Pompeo on Friday.
    but it is not freedom to make secession and sedition ..
    the Rothschild-Bilderberg shareholders did not grant this freedom of sedition to the detriment of their regime,
    but only to the detriment of all countries that have not joined NATO such as the Merkel coup and Nuland in Kiev to obtain a genocide in Donbass!
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    China threatens 'cold war' with US
    this is a slander!
    it is the US that have a criminal interest to impose its war, first cold and then hot: against China
    that this WW3 nucelar situation has been in preparation for decades

ObAMA moderate terrorists BIDEN

ObAMA moderate terrorists BIDEN
jihad Erdogan sharia ISIS UMMA Riyadh

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